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CCACC Affiliated Clubs

                   【Meijing Chinese Activity Center Recruitment Center Club】
Integrating diversity and exhibiting Chinese culture together! Join us as a representative of the Asian American community!

 . with service.

Diversified integration to create a cultural feast

Meijing Chinese Activity Center has always been committed to displaying the treasures of Chinese culture in our community, and communicating and integrating it with other cultures. We firmly believe that through cultural exchanges of diversity and integration, we can enrich our lives, enhance the cohesion of the Asian community, and promote social understanding and respect.

Represent Asian images, show Asian groupsthe value of

We welcome people of all shapes and ages to join our club. You will have the opportunity to represent the Asian community, communicate with other ethnic groups, jointly demonstrate the multiculturalism of the Asian community, and convey our values and important contributions to the outside world.

Serve Asian groups and grow together

The central club of the Meijing Chinese Activity Center is a group that supports each other and grows together. Our goal is to promote Chinese culture in the region and let more people know and appreciate our traditional art, language and values. At the same time, we will also be committed to participating in community service projects, giving back to the society and helping people in need.

Join us for a better future

Join the central club of the American Chinese Activity Center now and become one of the representatives of the Asian community! No matter your age, background or profession, we welcome your participation. Together in this diverse and inclusive community, experience the charm of Chinese culture and create a better future together.

how to join

Please call 301-820-7200 ext. 8103

or send an email

We will provide you with more relevant information and joining procedures.

Let us work together to showcase the diverse Chinese culture, become a proud representative of the Asian community, and work together to serve the community!

Sincerely, Meijing Community Services Department

Center telephone: 301-820-7200 ext. 8103


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