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Chinese Community Service Center

With the purpose of serving the community, it promotes cultural exchanges, enriches community activities, improves people's welfare and enhances life skills. Various club activities (such as guzheng, painting and calligraphy, opera, Taijiquan, folk dance, line dance, photography, etc.), sports activities (such as volleyball training classes, dragon dance, ball competitions, etc.), the excellent reputation of "adult English" Classrooms", special service programs (such as free tax filing services, Chinese computer classes), as well as Evergreen Club's "Senior Nutrition Program" and weekly social activities, fully demonstrate the diversity of services.

Our services


Evergreen Society

The Evergreen Club, established in 1998, has grown rapidly in recent years and now has nearly 800 members. It can be said to be the largest club in the center. In addition to the Senior Nutrition Program subsidized by the Montgomery County Government, we have also prepared a variety of activities, from Tai Chi, health martial arts, choir, piano classes, calligraphy and painting classes, to folk dance, body dance, ballroom dance, Square dancing, line dancing and English classes, ball games, chess, Yue opera, etc. are all available. The students happily participate in the activities and become healthier physically and mentally.


Adult English Classroom

The "Central Adult English Classroom" was established in 1988 to help new immigrants in need learn English and improve their English communication skills. There are currently nearly 200 students. Originally, there were only physical courses. After the 2020 epidemic, based on the principle of "suspension of classes without stopping learning", online teaching began to be implemented. The center will reopen again in October 2021. We have implemented both online and physical courses, offering nearly 30 courses a year. Almost all year round. In addition to local students, the online courses also attract many friends from other places, such as Virginia, Arizona, and even as far away as mainland China, and the teaching results are outstanding.


Senior Planet

In 2019, the Elder Planet Chinese Computer Class (SPM) in cooperation with Montgomery County benefited many elderly people, providing another learning platform with diversified courses, including Google Maps, Introduction to Translation Tools, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Apple Smartphones, Voice Assistants, etc. Excellent courses, all on very practical topics. Let the elders know the world's affairs without leaving home, learn as they grow old, expand their living space, and enjoy life more.


Venue rental

The center currently has two service addresses. The center's headquarters is located in Gay City, Maryland. It opened in August 2011 and has been expanded to 42,500 square feet. The center's other address is located in Los Angeles and will open in May 2021. Opened with a usable area of nearly 25,000 square feet. Both locations have activity venues open to associations and the public to apply for use to serve the community.


Community sports activities

In order to meet the sports needs of the Chinese community and enhance community feelings as the main purpose, regional sports activities are developed nearby. Through sports activities, we can improve the image of Chinese Americans, establish good mutual relations and common awareness among Chinese communities, and promote cultural exchanges. The Meijing Chinese Activity Center provides volleyball and basketball courses and holds various competitions regularly.


Center community activities

Our central society is a non-profit social organization that cares for children, teenagers, families and the elderly, and provides relevant courses and activities to create a vibrant Chinese community.


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