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CCACC Tai-chi club

Originating from mainland China, since 1949 master  Zheng Man Ching started his teachings  in Taiwan ,his disciple Dr. Tang Yao Feng continued his teachings in the Washington DC area. Since the passing of Dr Tang many years ago, the  Taichi club continued his Taichi instructions mainly in Chinese schools until today.


The club uses the traditional method of teaching by  applying simple forms and steps, focusing on the building of the internal and fundamentals of Taichi, and without any haste to help participants to naturally achieve a healthy balance. Today, the club wishes to grow under CCACC  to further proliferate the benefits of Taichi to all that are interested. 

About us

Time:Sunday 14:00-16:00 PM, CCACC- Room109 


   1.Whole year -$60

   2.Half year -$40

   3.Single quarter- $30

Classes start: Sunday 09/10/2023

Participants are required to be members of CCACC ($10/year)

Instructional content

  1. First hour  – joint warm up exercises 

    1. Relaxation, joint stretching to avoid any injury 

    2. Balancing exercise to prevent falls 

  2. Second hour – small group Taichi practice starting from basic movements , four groups are planned:

    1. Short form (current)

    2. Long form (current)

    3. Tai-chi sword (future)

    4. Combined forms (future, includes all three of the above)

Club Contact Information

  Raleigh Liu  301-793-7949

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