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CCACC Art Club of Chinese Painting & Calligraphy

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About the Club

The Chinese Culture and Art League is a non-profit organization in the Greater Washington area, it was established in 2010 by a ground of devoted Chinese artists in the metropolitan community. CCAL’s mission is to bring Chinese culture and arts to the West and promote cultural exchange. The aim is to break the culture barrier and bring people of different backgrounds together, promoting peace, harmony, and cultural diversity. CCAL welcomes all artists and hopes to work together to create a better world.


*Western painting, weekly sketching exercises, and training new members.
*Occasional seminars and workshops.
*Culture exchange, includes participating in cultural art events and inviting foreign artists.
*Occasional exhibitions featuring the art works of members and foreign artists combined.
*Annual participation of CCACC’s Spring Art Exhibition

Member Fee: $30 (in addition to CCACC’s membership fee)

Club Director: Ming Ming Cheung, Dong Pei He
Co-Director: Douglas Huang, Shi You Zheng

Club Type: Chinese Painting, Chinese Calligraphy, Western Painting, Photography

Contact Info

Contact: Nellie Chao
Phone: 301-897-5408

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