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CCACC Guzheng Club

About the Club

Founded in 1997, the CCACC Choir started out by practicing in Tilden Middle School as an opportunity for Chinese musicians to meet. The choir was originally directed by Guo-Fang Yi. Throughout the years, despite the changes in directors and members, the choir has continued on so people who enjoy singing can also enjoy the benefits music offers the body, mind, and soul.

“The Red Sunset” is the group theme song for the Evergreen Choir, it is written to praise old folks for the wisdom and experience then have accumulated over the years and the light that radiates from that accumulated wisdom. The name was changed to CCACC Choir in 2005 when it started welcoming non-senior members.

The CCACC Choir attends the annual HaiWah Music Concert as well as other performances throughout the year.

Contact Info

Contact: Huei-Hsuan Yang
Phone: 301-908-8798
Fee: $30/year

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