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Community Sports

CCACC Volleyball

Cultivate many excellent players with sports spirit for the junior and senior high schools of Montgomery County

The volleyball training class and summer camp have been coached by Olympic gold medalist Zhou Xiaolan for nearly 20 years, using the Ashburton ES, Tilden MS and other venues of Montgomery County Public School.

During the school period, one training session per week is divided into five grades and six classes, with about 180 to 200 students per session. There are two summer camps each year, the level is not limited, about 60-65 students each.

Contact: Li Chao Tel: 301-820-7186

Youth Dragon Dance Team

The administrative office has taken over this association since 2011. In the activities related to the display of Chinese culture, the appearance of the dragon team is always the most shining and eye-catching performance team on the performance field. Dragon dance not only demonstrates the status of "dragon" in Chinese culture, but American society appreciates the beauty of dragon dance, and also allows young people to fully appreciate the spirit of teamwork from dragon dance.


  • Purpose: To carry forward the traditional Chinese dragon dance culture

  • Activities: Invited to participate in Asian and community cultural activities in the Greater Washington area, such as Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations, Memorial Day parades, Labor Day parades, World Culture Day in Montgomery County, and performances at the annual meeting of the Beijing Huayen Activity Center.

  • Recruiting members: 8th to 12th grade students

  • Practice time: once a month, under the guidance of teacher  Chushan Zhu.

  • Community contact person: Doris Zhao

  • Instructor: Principal of Peking Opera Academy in Washington—Mr. Chushan Zhu


Future development: Will participate in more parades of different cultures, and expect to promote Chinese culture and the Meijing Chinese Activity Center to Maryland or other states.

Contact: Doris Zhao
Phone: 301-820-7200 Ext. 8119

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