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CCACC Montgomery Senior Planet Computer Class

Since 2019, CCACC has cooperated with Mitsuko Herrera, the director of the Senior Planet Montgomery program in Montgomery (the head of the Montgomery Special Program), to promote the Montgomery Senior Computer Class taught in Chinese. SPM has launched physical courses such as computer technology, health, and finance that are taught in English and Spanish for many years. After visiting CCACC's facilities and learning about the nearly 2,500 members served by the center, Montgomery County immediately took the welfare of the Chinese community seriously, and started to plan computer technology classes taught in Chinese to benefit the needs of Chinese seniors.

Since the new crown epidemic in 2020, CCACC and SPM have officially started online computer courses every Wednesday, so that the elderly can maintain social activities with family members and friends during home isolation, and maintain physical and mental health. SPM invested funds to translate the existing English courses for Traditional Chinese. More than 400 members of the Evergreen Club of the center will benefit first.

The course starts with the teaching of Zoom, and other computer science and technology courses are also launched, including: Zoom Application, Messaging Application, Video Chat Application, Smartphone, iPhone Introduction, Telemedicine, YouTube Application, Google Maps Application , cloud storage space, etc., the content is the most popular software applications and technology products.

Assessing the enthusiastic response of the Chinese-American elders in the class, CCACC and SPM have started to open ten courses on iPad since November 2020, and provide a systematic introduction to the basic application of the iPad, including the hardware description of the iPad, basic settings, and account settings. , practical application software introduction. The purpose is to enable the elderly to learn basic iPad operations and applications, to learn the magic of technological products, to make technological knowledge interesting, to experience talents without going out, to know the world's affairs, to realize the spirit of living to old age, to learn the spirit of old age, and to enrich the home. Life.

As a result, many elderly people can realize their dream of online learning, connect with their families through the Internet and 3C products, learn English, exercise, sing, socialize with friends, and attend various lectures!

For related courses, please refer to the website of Senior Planet of Montgomery County , and the latest information on computer courses on the CCACC website, or call 301-620-1517 or email to inquire . For more online learning news, please visit

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