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Adult ESOL Class

Established in 1988, the Adult English Classroom of the American Beijing Chinese Activity Center is an English class specially designed for new immigrants and adults. More than 30 years of conscientious work, providing rich courses, excellent teachers, serious teaching, and serving the community, are very popular. The current director Li Jiaojiao has administrative, computer and rich experience in English teaching. He has ambitions and ideals, and hopes that the English classroom can serve more people.

The curriculum center is divided into classes according to the students' language ability and needs. There are pronunciation classes, basic English, elementary English, intermediate English, daily conversation and civic tutoring classes. There are spring, summer and autumn semesters each year, each semester is 15 weeks, and each class is two hours per week.

Due to the special circumstances during the epidemic this semester, the course will be held online via Zoom.

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