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CCACC Yah Jue Music TaiChi Class

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Time: Saturday, 2:00 - 4:00pm
Location: Multipurpose Room 109
CCACC Yah Jue Music TaiChi Class was founded in 1997 by Master Yee-Tak Fung. For almost 25 years, Yah Jue has held classes at CCACC on Saturdays from 2-4PM.
TaiChi has unique effects of increasing “exercise for the body” and “focus for the mind”. Learning TaiChi can help relieve stress, strengthen the body, as well as rejuvenises the mind. It has become increasingly popular and can benefit people of all ages.

Dr. Phoenix Liu, the current Music TaiChi class instructor, who continues Master Fung’s philosophy of focusing on the fundamentals, took over the class after Master Fung’s passing in 2004. She stresses practicing the fundamentals, because they are essential to grasp the forms of TaiChi, to understand the philosophy of Yin & Yang, and to stabilize stances. Her teaching focuses on Yang Style TaiChi and the choreography of the music forms.
Class Schedule
2:00PM - 2:30PM: warm up, stretching, Qigong, introduction to meridian and Chinese Traditional Medicine – exercise the whole body

2:30PM - 3:00PM: break down the form, explain techniques, practice individual form movements

3:00PM - 4:00PM: Practice Yang Style 24 and 48 movements and choreographed music-TaiChi forms

Every year, the Music TaiChi class performs at CCACC’s Annual Meeting and Spring Festival celebration at Lakeforest Mall. In the weeks leading up to a special event, classes become more intensive as students prepare and train for the performance. The excitement to participate usually provides an excellent opportunity for focus and effort that results in students’ progress.
Practicing TaiChi requires a calm mind and spirit that would lead the practitioner into a concentrated, yet relaxed, state of mind. TaiChi also requires coordinated physical movements that naturally flow together. Hence, practicing TaiChi can indirectly exercise the center of the meridian system and strengthen one’s sense of balance.
TaiChi is a moderate, full-body athletic sport. The body and limbs are stretched through practice, and as muscles relax, blood vessels expand to promote circulation, which in turn strengthens the functions of the internal organs and immune system. Our hope is that more people can use TaiChi as a “valuable remedy” to obtain the benefit of exercising their body, calming their mind, and uplifting their spirit.
For more information, please contact:
Hope Fung
Lien-Chong Mou

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